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Welcome to Kolibri Art Studio's Online Art Gallery. Our purpose is to offer a convenient showcase to sell art both locally and internationally via the worldwide web. We offer our clients a unique opportunity to acquire some of the most unique and collectable art in the world.

We appreciate that most people do not have the opportunity or time to visit many suppliers of quality artwork. Having a large range of artwork accessible from a single website should help you search for and select an ideal piece for your needs.

After browsing our online galleries, if you identify any artists or artwork that you would like to actually see and you live in the vicinity, you are welcome to visit our gallery and make your purchase in person. Of course, however, if you do not live in the vicinity, we will ship your art purchases to you.

Our shipments have always arrived safe and sound. We generally use FedEx Ground or an equivalent, meaning you will have your artwork within about a ten day period, but faster delivery is available. We ship internationally.

Kolibri is not only an online gallery but we are also a world-renowned fine art printing studio. We have our own 10,000 sq. ft. gallery in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.

Our Online Art Gallery features:

Since 1990, when Kolibri Art Studios opened its fine art printing studios, it has received several hundred printer proofs from an artists and publishers around the world in appreciation for its excellence in printing their limited editions. At this time Kolibri is now free to sell these prize-winning prints to the public.

There is a long standing tradition in fine art-printing that, at the discretion of the artist and/or publisher, a printer who prints an edition may be given printer proofs in recognition of a job well done. When a printer is awarded printer proofs, the artist/publisher inscribes and numbers them as printer's proof or PP.

Originally fine art printer proofs were hand picked by the artist and printer during the printing process after the presses were re-inked. The images were usually of a higher color quality and much more vibrant and clear than those found later during the printing run. Today, with the quality of serigraphs being much better and more consistent, printer proofs do not usually afford the buyer any better quality print than those of a regular edition. There is, however, a higher perceived value among collectors.

You may purchase these printer proofs either at our Rolling Hills Estates Gallery or on our on-line gallery. Please browse trough them at your leisure and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Original artwork by Established and Emerging Artists:

This area of our site contains original artwork and all paintings are for sale. You may purchase them online or visit our gallery in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.

Kolibri's Return Policy:

Kolibri adopts a “No Refund Policy” on any piece of art or frame sold.

Classified section for purchasing and selling art:

If you wish to advertise your artwork in the Classified Section of our on-line gallery, please complete the accompanying form and fax it to us at 310-377-2640. The price for an ad is $30.00 per month per image.