Kolibri Art Studios is the creation of Herta Headrick, an artist and a woman extraordinaire. Herta is truly a unique person and a major contribution to fine art printing. She is an active member of the international fine art printing community and frequently travels to Europe to work and collaborate with Europe's most elite fine art printers.

Herta was born in Europe and received her art education and experience in Germany, Switzerland, France, India and the United States. She is extraordinarily creative and fastidious when it comes to detail and quality which are absolutely essential in fine art printing.

Everything at Kolibri is hands on for Herta. Nothing leaves the studio without her approval. Each morning she arrives at the studio before 7:00 AM and works until at least 7:00 or 8:00 PM. She loves her work and the studio. Excellence is her standard in her commitment to herself and her clients.

Kolibri Art Studio is world renowned for both its fine art serigraphs and fine art giclée printing. It has won more than eighty international printing awards.

Its been great fun and we have a lot to be thankful for; including the best clients, a great staff, a great art department and a team of the world's most experienced chromists and master printers.

Kolibri (which is German for hummingbird) is conveniently located in a beautiful business park in Torrance, California, just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport.

In addition to fine art serigraph and giclée printing Kolibri owns and operates a full service promotion, marketing and sales division, a wholesale and retail framing company and one of the nations largest and most beautiful art galleries dedicated exclusively to promoting and selling art.